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Toplists & Next round will be a bit late
Wed Nov 7 23:06:44 2018

Toplists will probably not be available until Sunday evening, at best. Next round will start shortly after that.
Old toplists and URLs updated.
Thu Aug 16 13:49:47 2018

All old URL:s pointing towards old sites (,,,, etc, etc) has now been replaced with

Play DEFCON5 at

Round news
Fri May 17 19:06:22 2013

So another round has come and gone. The top lists should be up by Sunday.

We will not have a speed round this time, but rather start another regular round on Tuesday 21 May. We may have some unit changes if we can get them in, in time. The round will run approximately one month.

Any questions please feel free to ask me or any of the other admin/crew.

Happy Gaming

Rhonda, Rick and the Crew!
Sun Jan 13 01:28:57 2013

When this regular rounds is over and top lists are posted, you will have until Thursday 17 Jan 1700 DFT to lower your brigade number to 8 (Eight) members. This is being done to make more brigades for warring.

Thursday 17 Jan 1700 DFT we will begin a speed round. Which will run until Sunday 20 Jan.

Regular round will begin 25 January and run 1 month until 24th February.


Happy Gaming,

LadyWoC and Inm
DefCon5 Game News

Round parameters
Thu Apr 29 15:40:20 2021

Same as last round, see post below :)

Round parameters - OBSERVE! Max 2 players per brigade
Tue Mar 23 21:00:34 2021

All brigades needs to reduce their members to max 2 before Thursday. During thursday random players above 2 per brigade will be randomly kicked.

Bonuses will be 400t each, and 800k. It will be the same even if the brigade only consists of one player. First bonus will be at 800p.

You will receive cash (and possible bonuses) every 40 minutes, Turns every 10th minute, Stamina every 15 minutes, and market may change 3 times a day.

Bank will be available.

You are dead for 12 hours, in RS 12 hours.

Wars last a minimum of 16 hours, maximum of 32 hours.

If you leave one brigade to join another you must wait 16 hours. If you leave a brigade and want to rejoin same brigade you must wait 3 days. You must be in a brigade for at least 24 hours before you can share a bonus.
Change in bonus levels
Sun Jan 3 10:44:39 2021

The increase between bonuses will be twice as much as it has been, i.e. instead of going from 1500p -> 3030p, the first increase will be 1500p -> 3060p. Following increases are based on the last increase as usual.
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