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Interview with Air SquaD (#5862)

by Nurse LadyWoC (#14)
Sun Feb 18 17:32:17 2007

Since it was requested in the past to do some player interviews, I thought we would give it a try. I sat down with a fellow player on Defcon and asked a few questions to get to know him a little better. I have his consent to post this interview. The replies are his own and only corrected for content.

Air SquaD (#5862)

Q. So how old are you and what country are you from?
A. I'm still 18 years old and from Belgium

Q. How long have you played Defcon?
A. I've played Defcon since 'Thu Jan 22 16:54:44 2004' :), don't remember what round that was

Q. How did you get introduced to Defcon?
A. I got to know the game by a friend who played it then and said i needed to try it out coz it was fun

Q. Who has been your biggest influence on the game and why?
A. My biggest influence on the game is, that would be Just Another Ghost (#170), coz he taught me the game and helped me a lot

Q. What is your motivation for playing Defcon?
A. My motivation for playing DF5 is that its fun and you can really have fun with people although you might never see them irl, still some of them are like best friends.. You share some kind of interests, in this case playing a game and it can connect a band..

Q. What are some of your favorite memories of playing Defcon?
A. Favorite memories.. mm to much to write :) I really enjoyed playing in brigades who had fun, like the time I was in HoSa..

Q. What do you feel is the biggest change needed for this game?
A. Something I would change about this game.. Maybe clear up some rules about the game.. A recent example for instance is the rule about when a general gets banned.. What to do with the brigade or the staff from the brigade.

Q. Anything else you would like to add?
A. On that last part I mean to put a lot of thought into what they suggest

Q. Are your interests outside this game?
A. My major interest would be music, I also play an instrument called a trombone and I’m active in fanfares, big bands and so on.

Q. Are you a student or do you work? If you are a student, what do you study? And if you work, what kind of job do you do?
A. I'm a student, i have already my degree of photographer, and now I’m studying for my bachelor degree in audiovisual techniques, photography

Thank you for your time today and I wish you continued success in playing Defcon.

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