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Interview with Madr3n (#3977)

by Dream (#5408)
Mon Feb 19 14:13:33 2007

Madr3n (#3977)

Q. how old are you and where do you live?
A. I'm 19 and I live in the city Groningen, Holland.

Q. How did you get to know of defcon5?
A. Through Nukezone, I was a CT in Masters of the Earth there and I think it was on the clan forum where someone posted the link to df5.

Q. From whom did you learn defcon5?
A. Well, me and some others from MoE on NZ went to Df5, me and crissipos were the first and some other players from MoE also came, Unwanted Master of Dark and his brother. We just bought units, tried them out, scoring points, I remember I made the first 7p'r (not even the max points u could get) but we were really happy with that! (it was a M2 and sniper combo. I know, noobish!) This is how I learned to play points.

Q. Whats your greatest moment playing defcon5?
A. Ah well there are several moment that are always a lot of fun, like getting out of RS at the beginning of a round. But my favorite was in a speedround where we had an amazing team, the activity was insane! Even at night we were with 15 online at 04.00. Second was playing points in a normal round and a BK brigade declared and managed to kill 2 of us, but we had RS tech researched, so we called/smsíed them to get online and they rebuilt and we continued warring. Was just a nice feeling that the communication inside the brig was excellent.

Q. Who do you think, will win NW/POINTS?
A. Well I'm not that active atm so I donít follow the raceís that much, but I think Solid will win NW. And I think xXx will win points.

Q. If you could select 9 players for a dreamteam ,what would the names be?
A. That is a hard one, I havenít played in a 10 man brigade yet. I'm used to playing with 15. Sorry if I let someone out but these names come to mind: Exet (#2055), Dream (#5408), Crissipos (#10796), MIG (#145), ThaFamous (#2976), Killerbee (#4620), Superman (#1406) M0rpihus (#8089) & Tupac (#4977). This is my dreamteam, the team I would like to play with the most.

Q. Do you like the changes defcon5 made recently?
A. Not that I have played with a 10 man brig yet but I liked 15, MoE always had the problem that we didnít have enough space for everyone. I do like the money and bank changes.

Q. How do you think defcon5 can be more improved?
A. To have many more players for more exciting points and NW races. That would be good for the game. But its not something the admins can do I think, everyone should just promote it more.

Q. What are your hobbyís/work/study outside defcon5?
A. I study Human Technology (3rd year) and I like to play fieldhockey, poker, online games and just hanging out with friends.

Thank you for your time!

Dream (#5408)

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