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Interview with Sabaoth (#16088)

by AeRials (#17158)
Fri Mar 23 23:11:04 2007

Q: Can you give some information about yourself? Where do you live how old are you?
A: My name is Wouter Minnen, I'm 19 years old, live in Belgium, I'm a boy with blond hair and brown eyes

Q: When did you start playing df5?
A: I play since the end of 2003, few accounts got banned for stupid reasons =)

Q: How did you get introduced to defcon5?
A: Some mates told and taught me the game..

Q: What was the best brigade you've ever been in? And why?
A: SoLiD Monkey's... Because Noisy was/is just such a great leader and had a good team of course.

Q: Which brigade would you like to play in now?
A: None, because I don't like it anymore.. Maybe I'll be back in some time.

Q: What are you doing in real life?
A: Ehmm, I'm supposed to go to school, but I quit for this year because I've chosen something totally wrong. Now I'm sitting at home all day long.. I try to work a bit; each Friday I gonna work.

Q: Do you think defcon5 need some changes?
A: Hmm.. It has his own look you know.. fast, many attacks, fast points, etc etc, if you wanna keep it like this there shouldn't be big changes. The 10man brigs was a good change, since there are few more clans now to battle each other.

Thanks for the interview Wakkie!
GL in real life and defcon of coure.


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