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Interview with Helguera (#17380)

by Dream (#5408)
Fri Mar 23 23:38:09 2007

Just Another Gmale (#17380)

Q. Whats your age and nationality?
A. 19 years old, 20 this summer and a proud Swede.

Q. When did you start to play Defcon5 and how did you find out of the game?
A. Hmm, I have too look that up actually.. I started playing this game on the 6th of July 2003. That’s just a few days after this game was up and running :D
I remember why I wasn’t here the first day as well actually, I had been playing with Rederiet in NukeZone and was a regular reader at inm’s own NukeZone NewsSite. When I came home from daddys place and saw he had created a game I made my account right away!

Q. If you can think of something that has happened in Defconf5, what would it be?
A. That have to have been my “2nd” round with BiMa actually. The round BiMa got banned for alliance we merged with High (Which was 2-3 BiMa members by the way) I left for vacation and didn’t get my spot back, so I just chilled rest of round, but got bored. So 2 weeks from end I sent a message to all the members we had had in the start of the round saying, we are playing next round and wanna play ourselves together the last week in for the new round.

So 1 week later all the members except one joined up again, that player had quit playing. So all members coming back from all brigades was amazing, they were in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th spot in brigade points, and they all just LEFT to join us up again. Amazing feeling.

Q. What do you specific like/dislike about Defcon5?
A. What I love the most is that it’s a game always going fast. Always something happens cause of the 10% needed for an attack. However what I really hate about this game is A-Bombs and I keep telling it every round. However I know there are at least one mod that hate them just as much. So I'm just letting nature have its cause and hope he can make inm change them

Q. In what round do you feel you failed the most?
A. Tough question. Looking back at old top lists I see a round I wanna forget. I was prepared for everything, everything was on paper how it should be done. All was planned. However in all great plans there is always one error that screw everything up. A-Bombs… Beta round 5. Enough about that, just wanna forget about it.

Q. Whats your view on the current top lists?
A. Biggest roller-coaster I´ve ever seen! The gap between 1st and 2nd keep on going between 9k and 3k from week to week! Winner of this round: Unpredictable

Q. Whats your dream team?
A. Myself, Johell, Freak, MILF, Hutch, Patriot, joka, Ghost, AirSquad, MIG, BK.. all of them in no specific order. (I know its 11)

Q. What improvements do you feel df5 needs at this time?
A. Hmm don’t know really. I always wanted a change on the A-Bombs.. and then I want a small change in the new 48h rule for joining a brigade..

Q. What are your hobby’s/work/study outside defcon5?
A. Hobby, almost none actually. I quit them all :P
Though I do have some stuff I spent my time a lot on. Like my girlfriend, though she would say I mostly play DOTA :P I'm trying to get a job but there are none for a student out there. I'll have my own (first) apartment in just a few weeks time, 3rd of April. At school I'm studying to become a network tech.. How that’s going to become later on we’ll have to see.

Thank you for your time!

Dream (#5408)

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