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Interview with Dream (#5408)

by Odin The Berzerker (#12888)
Wed Mar 28 22:33:51 2007

Q. 01. First something about yourself as a person. What is your name, how old are you and where do you live?

A. My name is Mike, I'm 18 years old and live in Ermelo, Gelderland.

Q. 02. What do you like about your city/village? And can you tell about some places of interest in your city/village?

A. I do not like much about my village..its kinda boring..only thing I like to go to is ''Toppers''. that's a discotech.

Q. 03. Are you a control freak in real life? And if so, are you a control freak in Defcon as well?

A. In real life I'm layed back, I'll see what comes for me everyday. At defcon5 I'm a control freak, I want everything to be perfect and will do everything to accomplish that.

Q. 04. When did you started playing and what was the reason you started playing?

A. I started playing when this game was running 2 weeks or something, I had a low ID, but due to my stupid self, I broke the rules and got banned by the evil moderators. My Irl-Friend shadow played it earlier than me, he said to me it was a fun game, so thats why I started playing and never stopped.

Q. 05. Why do you play Defcon?

A. I like most people and its just a fast game and fun to do.

Q. 06. How did you become so famous? Because I donít think when you started playing you immediately got a brigade where you were General and became 1st in points, so my actual question is: How did you manage to become so famous?

A. well. I don't want to say I'm so called ''famous'' that would make people think I'm arrogant but I can tell how I became general with such good/experienced people, When I started playing I joined immediately SoLiD Monkeys, SoLiD Noisy Monkey was the general and he had faith in me, I quickly became colonel and thats how I learned the people and how to do everything..after that Noisy couldn't be active anymore, so he went nw, I took over SoLiD to win a lot of points titles, and I succeeded. now I made my own brigade and I'm trying to make them ''famous'', we won the special round and going strong this round also.

Q. 07. What was your first brigade and was the tactic you had in that brigade much different then you have now?

A. first brigade was SoLiD Monkeys, and yes, every general got his own was not much different, but still some slight changes of operating.

Q. 08. Do you think of strategies/tactics yourself or do other platoons help you with that, or helped you before?

A. I mostly make them in my own, but sometimes if I need help ill ask my colonel or people who are this round me and Exet made the strategy.

Q. 09. What do you like most about this game? Why?

A. I'll have to say the speed of the can attack with 10% stamina and I like that very much, also I like the community of this game.

Q. 10. We all know that you are going to BK next round, but can you explain why? Is there a deeper thought behind that choice? Because (not sure) every round you played as General in some brigade and with the goal of becoming first, you actually became first. So why is it you are going to BK?

A. well going BK also brings goals with them..I specific made some goals for myself and for the brigade. I go Bk because we want to so called ''Revenge'' people who bugged us..I have played some rounds with the same people..and we always got bugged by the same people, its time for payback.

Q. 11. What do you think will happen next round? Who do you think will be the points champion if you guys go BK?

A. I have no clue of what brigade is going points, so cant really answer this question, I can only say that people who bugged us with BK, wont win it.

Q. 12. How did you choose the platoons that will be in your brigade next round? Do you only look at records or what else?

A. I talk with them a lot and I have 6/10 people who I played a lot with, I know their skills and team-play, I also recruited 4 new guys, I did that for a reason, playing with the same team makes it boring, we need new flesh to make our brigade operate on maximum skills.

Q. 13. What did you think when you heard I was going to interview you?

A. oh god noooo!

Q. 14. Do you think it was a good interview or not?

A. I Definitely liked it, nice questions.

Q. 15. Do you think I should do more interviews? And do you think I should interview LadyWoc?

A. Ofc, I think its fun to read interviews, especially if it are good questions etc. I would definitely say you should interview ladywoc, she is the evil moderator on df5!

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