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Interview with MIG (#145)

by Figuur (#12888)
Wed May 2 12:20:50 2007

Q. 01. What is your real name?
A. Magnus Rutgersson.

Q. 02. Where do you live?
A. Göteborg, Sweden.

Q. 03. What's going on in your real life at the moment? (Work/Relationships/Study etc.)
A. At the moment I'm very busy with a bachelor project about an algorithm that hopefully can be used by the scientists that have asked for it, otherwise it's not much. I’m single and trying to hang out with friends, watching and doing sports.

Q. 04. What do you like most about Defcon?
A. I would say the pace that the game has which gives a very intensive game play this combined with the simplicity of the game is the things I like the most.

Q. 05. For how long have you been playing Defcon now?
A. Register date Mon May 26 23:31:02 2003, I guess that makes it 4 years in 3 weeks then.

Q. 06. Have you always been playing active?
A. I've had a few rounds off when I've had very much to do in school or known that I would be away for a big part of the rounds on vacation and stuff like that.

Q. 07. But since you are registered for that long, I think you could have experienced all rounds. Am I right?
A. Yes, that's correct, or at least all official rounds, I don't know how many 'rounds' they had before, I got in as a tester for this game.

Q. 08. What did you have to do as a tester for Defcon?
A. We were asked to find bugs and report them, I'd tendency to exploits the bugs I found, just to 'ensure' that they worked on big numbers as well as small numbers inm wasn't very happy about it since I think it was mentioned somewhere to not exploit them.

Q. 09. What was/is your most memorable moment on Defcon/around Defcon?
A. There is so many great memories, so I don't know what I should pick, but I have decided to pick a round that didn't exist.

Q. 10. What do you mean by that?
A. The "round between" the first and second speedround must simply be the funniest moment I've ever experienced during my time playing Defcon.

Q. 11. Can u further explain that?
A. I was playing with a friend of mine (nox) in a brigade(kippensoep) that I created for this purpose. We simply just stayed on top of everyone and slayed the ones that tried to boost and kill us, but they'd no success since we used the same strategy as all other NW Brigades use now, we built A LOT of buildings which the boosters didn't do and whined like cry babies about it. But this wasn't the fun part, the fun part was actually that Defcon wasn't up 24/h.

Q. 12. How did u come up with the Brigade name, Kippensoep?
A. I don't remember who said it, but Banaan’s real name is Joep and some Dutch guy started with "Joep Joep Kippensoep" and since I've such a good fantasy I chose to pick this Dutch word, too bad my Dutch wasn't better back then. That's why they ended up with the tag [I love] and not ik.

Q. 13. What would you like to change in Defcon?
A. If I only could change one thing it would be to disable the WMD since the a-bomb is not balanced and I'm getting tired to argue about it.

Q. 14. Explanation please?
A. Well, they are very cheap compared to the devastating damage they do and they can now be fired at very small platoons since the "only attacking up" rule with WMD is removed so when you're at 150k NW you can attack someone that is in your "steal" range if you're in a brigade and declare war against a brigade, this means you can reach persons that have an NW just above 100k so if you want to survive you've to get rid of all your units and be 20k NW or have about 200-300 buildings. 20k NW means that a person needs to spend about 300k just to rebuild the buildings and 15-20 turns.

Q. 15. Are you satisfied about this interview and everything that happened around it?
A. Yes I'm very satisfied with this interview, except that my MSN (yes I hate MSN) messed up so we had to switch to IRC.

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