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by Angel LadyWoC (#7443)
Sat Jan 12 23:14:03 2013

Defcon5 us back up and running again! We see more and more old familiar faces all the time and Iím sure everyone have been hitting the nostalgia button a few times already.
However the nostalgia has probably settled for some players now. Since we have a very tight and intense pointís race between MoE and SoLiD I decided to make an article with 2 members from each brigade.
I choose to ask the questions to one random member and the leader in both brigades!

Iíve decided to ask the questions to the following players; Madr3n, Noisy, Ghost and Megaz!
Hey guys!
I will start off with one personal question for all of you and then go over to share questions. We start off with the members and let the leaders sum it all up!
Ghost; you were Colonel for HoSa that broke apart. Why did that happen and why did you go to SoLiD?
Megaz; I think most people might remember you from HATE and LoOK. How did you decide that MoE would be the next step?
Madr3n; you had some problems with filling the last spot in your team, already replacing 2 members. Are you happy how your team turned out to be?
Noisy; we all saw you leaving SoLiD to train newbies in DTF. How come you decided to dive back into the action again?
The race has been very tight since the start of the round, have you all enjoyed the first official round so far?

Madr3n: Yes, our 10th now is the only one with HARDCORE activity since the start of the round. I think he is cheating. But yeah happy with the team we have now.
Noisy: For the game to survive it's very important that we get new players that start enjoying the game. As brigade #370 was still in hands of the guys that stole it from me (D2L), I saw an option to try and train new guys.
But after messaging every new player in the game, it appeared that there were almost no real new players to the game. I ended up recruiting 9 and training them, but D2L messaged me that they decided to give #370 back.
I took the opportunity to lead the most succesfull brigade of DF5 history again and win some more competitions.
Ghost: The Gen and some other members couldnīt be active and we didnīt have good replacements so we decided it was best to split up.
Me and Helgu talked some before the real round and i have played with him before so when he asked if i wanted to Join SoLiD with him it was an easy choice ;)
Megaz: Well first off, i did play with MoE in Beta round #12 so this isnt my first time with them xD
But back to your question.
At first i wanted to play in Solid with slazh and nacnac (irl friends) but they didnt have a spot for me at that point. So i asked Madr3n if he had a spot for an old master, and here we are!

The game is just back up again and it took us all some time to get used to it all again. How fast did it go for you to get a hang of the game again?
Madr3n: I had forgotten a couple things, but in the test round we tried out several units and tactics, so we were well prepared for the real round.
Noisy: The basics never left my brain, but researching in a points brigade was a little vage for me. After some calculating and team talk we all got the hang of it again.
Ghost: Well... actually took a couple of days to get the hang of everything again but soon it felt like home again :D
Megaz: Maybe one day or so, didnt remember which units were most effective and so on.

nBZK seems to have gotten two members kicked; computer error or game error is unknown. How will this affect the gameplay for the round you think?
Madr3n: Depending on how fast the admin will help nBZK, I talked to nBZK and it was an error. I hope they will place the 'kicked' members back in nBZK quick so they can continue in the points race.
Noisy: As I said, two brigades that want wars is far too few and therefore the rest of the round will be quite boring.
Ghost: With fewer and fewer points brigs left there will be harder to find good competition for the remaining brigs and force us to think differently to scoore good points and there is a bigger risk that BK brigs will attack us.
Megaz: Well we cant be picky when we are deciding who we wanna mutual against, and Solid always have some tricks up their sleves. But only time will tell.

We had four brigades starting off with points but only two remaining. We have so far no Nw brigade. We have quite a few BK brigades fighting it out. Did you think there would be more competition in this first round in the respective categories?
Madr3n: I was thinking there would be a NW brigade, but they might still come. A shame some points brigades decided to go a different way but I hope nBZK will continue. Fighting for the points title between just 2 brigades is not really fun.
Noisy: I didn't think there would be more, but I did think that BK brigades would target points brigades more. That would have been way more fun, in the first week I remember 2 deaths in the top 4 points brigades. And that was not because we all had 2000 buildings.
Ghost: Well...Kinda...There are getting more and more BK brigs now but thats the only category where there are a lot of competition now so... YES I thought there would be more competition in the points and nw category. And it needs to be to be fun.
Megaz: Yeah, I thought there would be alot more BK against the points brigades and a few more active points brigades as well. Dont know anything about nw =)

Itís been a long time since you played the game and I wonder: Is there something in the game that has surprised you? (BK less effective? Anything strange about the attack engine? Anything really!)
Madr3n: Not really, only that BK's have to be really smart to try and get a kill because the hyperactive pointsplayers can be online any time of the day because of mobile devices.
Noisy: It surprises me how some 'old' platoons seem to be sticking to one brigade when they are not in the game. We have had an ex-MoE member that has attacked us with abombs constantly for about 2 full weeks now.
If you want your old brigade to win, let them do it because they are better than the competition, not by killing their competitors the whole round.
Ghost: Some units are not as good anymore as i remember that they were "back in the days", harder to get good points with...But that could possibly just be my memory ;)
Megaz: nah, pretty much as i remember it. But im stilled amazed how powerful abombs are, they are awesome for the BK brigs.

And the last question; How do you think the points race will end? Be objective!
Madr3n: No idea, we haven't been further away from Solid then 500p and we have been closing the gap and it is very close right now. Quite exciting. Just wish there was more competition going on, more brigades fighting for goals would make it a lot more fun.
Noisy: To be really objective: SoLiD or MoE will win :) The race is still close, but MoE after their bk boost raid seem to be on top.
At the time of writing the difference is 3000 points. That means that something should happen or MoE can win relatively easily. But we still have some plans to gain points on them, we will see how this works out.
Ghost: With only 2 brigs left the in the points race and quite close in points too it can go either way...i think BK brigs will make the difference. The ones that can handle BK brigs best will win.
Megaz: Could go either way, it all depends on which brigade that can keep up the activity and avoid BK.

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