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Interview with Crissipos (#10796)

by AeRials (#17158)
Tue Jan 15 02:58:49 2013

Q1: Hi Crissipos, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?
Where are you from, how old are you, what do you do in real life?

A1: Hi! My name is Mathy. Iím 24 years old and live in Belgium, in a relatively big city called Hasselt. Currently Iím studying music management. I try ty be as much involved in music as I can! In my spare time I pay attention to my girlfriend, df5 and some other games (Football Manager, Dota 2).

Q2: How did you get introduced to df5 several years ago?

A2: Like most I was playing that other similar game, Nukezone, and was member of the clan Masters of the Earth on it. We were just an average clan, consisting of most Dutch speaking members. The leader of it introduced me to Defcon5. I had a platoon ID somewhere in the 2000 back then. There were several of our NZ clanmates who joined MoE on df5. This was how it all began, and it dates back to 2003!

Q3: Have you always been a points player? If yes, why? If no, what do you like playing the most? NW, points or BK?

A3: Not at all! It turns out I havenít even been (actively) playing in the last rounds. I canít remember a single thing of it. I had to look through all the toplists to get some memories back. My time in MoE made my df5 history look bright. We won many competitions. When playing I don't want to go for anything less than the win. Through the years Iíve made some trips to other brigades and I've accumulated victories in kills and networth aswell. As a platoon I could only win platoon networth. So it's very diverse, but I believe my true destiny is playing points! It's the most interesting, intense, action and activity. It's teamplay of the highest level.

Q4: Do you have a hard time combining real life with df5? More specifically, not losing stamina when going for #1 points?

A4: It has proven to be a lot easier to play how I want nowadays. When playing serious I have an urge to win. The smartphone is a great invention! However my girlfriend isn't supportive, what I can understand. And having a leadership position requires a lot of time. It is somewhat involving my personal life, as I'm losing more sleep than before and I always wonder how it's going on Df5, if anyone got killed. Still it gives me more fun than hassle!

Q5: Which round did you enjoy the most?

A5: We're currently at the end of Beta Round #21, and it's been a 1 vs 1 points battle between MoE and SoLiD for more than half the round. It's on a very high level at the moment. Never seen this activity before. Doing night raids, killing with atomic bombs. This is all new in points play. But the search for wars wasn't fun, as there were only a few options. According to me the most fun rounds where in the beginning of Df5. There was a lot of competition and having success back then satisfies you a lot more. But I have confidence Df5 has a nice future. It's such a time waster and addicting. I just enjoy the little things in any round, if the plans turn out to be a success, if your members are doing good and if you get recognition for the time you put in it.

Q6: Who are your most favourite brigade generals and why? (Good decision making/strategies or just a general you like to play with, ...)

A6: As I erased most history from my mind, I only remember one outstanding general, Madr3n. He's a very good team motivator, planner and always manages to pick the best strategy. He only cares about the win like me. But I have very much respect for what Noisy is doing with SoLiD Monkeys. I don't remember if I ever played under his reign. I did play once in SoLiD. And Dream was my general for a couple of rounds in Entertainment. I think good points players always have good strategies, because they figure out the strategy for themselves and else they wouldn't be high in points. I have no problem being under the lead of someone, if he's doing well. But I also like to take the lead myself. I still think Lohbin has to create his own brigade again!

Q7: If you could change 3 things about df5, what would those changes be?

A7: I enjoy it a lot the way it is now, partly because it's bugfree and the superb attack engine is what makes this game so good. I like to participate in votes of changes suggested on the forum. The most important change has been made: a different start page, because the previous one was really ugly and would never attract new players.

The next changes should be focused around new players. How they can get the most information in the least time, how they can play the best. If they enjoy the first hours/days, they will stay. As AeRials suggested, a private welcome message with some basic info about the game and a link to the manual is a good idea.

For next round, I would make research time shorter (as this takes a lot of lost, boring time away and increases the pace) and place the brigade shoutbox on the right side of the screen to increase brigade communication, as this is the most important aspect in the game.
For next rounds I would improve on the current features: more buildings, units, research options and stats. We probably have some creative minds in this community to work out the details! Let the community decide about the changes, always good!

Q8: Do you ever feel like moving to Spain when Madr3n makes fun of the bad weather in other countries?

A8: It does seem he's living as God there.. But what you don't have you can't miss ;) He did invite me to visit. Atleast we have the best beers in the world.

Q9: Is there any person you'd like to read an interview about in the future?

Would you like to do an interview?

Besides that, I would like to read in-depth interviews of different playing styles of different players. Anyone who has something interesting to say should be able to apply for an interview.

We could have a question of the day asked to a particular player, based on the actions of the day. Then the answer can be seen by the whole community. I enjoy comments of players who react to something that happened on the game! Play out the community part!

Thanks for your time!

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