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Interview with Road Runner (#1347)

by AeRials (#17158)
Fri Feb 22 16:47:23 2013

Q1: Hello Road Runner! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A1: My name is Stoney Hughes. I live in South Louisiana, I like great sports, awesome people and food! I work for Scotts Miracle-gro the top growing media company in the world.

Q2: You've been playing the game since 2003, who introduced you to the game so early?

A2: My little brother (Wile e Coyote) introduced it to me. Not sure how he found it but one day he said “d00d you got to try this!!!” and the rest is history….lol

Q3: What kept you interested in df5 over all those years?

A3: well the game play (even though it has been changed over the years) and the in-game relationships built over years. Back in the day when there were real BK brigades…our arch nemesis was AOE; we had the most amazing wars!! EVILMaddog was the general of AOE, sadly his ole brig hasn’t found out the game is back up and ACME invited him to join us and we are honored and privileged to have him with us and be fighting on the same side and having LOTS of fun. I hope his guys come back, but to be honest I feel safer with him in ACME for now…lol

Q4: What's the best way to get new people playing the game in your opinion?

A4: advertise in some other games, or something like which is a game center where people can try different games. Maybe some smart phone apps.

Q5: Currently you're the general of ACME, have you been in several other brigades or have you been leading ACME forever?
If you've leading ACME for a long time, is there any reason? (The members, etc)

A5: I have only ever been in ACME. It was started by my brother and me. I think Wile e was general first but we were also playing some other crappy game(leave that name out…lol) and we split generalship up he took other game and I took DF5. We have always run ACME together. ACME is geared toward working adults with lives, jobs, families etc. I love the family that ACME has always been. Plus over the years no matter where in the world Wile e and I were, we were able to use the game to check on each other and make sure we were ok, if we saw the other one making attacks and stuff we knew all was well. But if we didn’t see that we knew to call and make sure the other was ok. It was a connection between brothers that I know I needed and it helped keep us close. Plus we really LOVE kicking butt….lol

Q6: Is there any round you'll never forget?

A6: Probably beta round #6 I think it was, everyone was screaming about BK brigs and ACME went points for the round and was #8 with 87k points, yeah I know not #1 but a personal best for us. ACME has always looked at all aspects of this game, Points, NW, and BK. looked at all of them with equal interest and respect, we only wish others would/could do the same.

Q7: What do you like to do with your spare time outside of df5?

A7: I like to play poker, LOVE to grill/smoke/bbq, and work on my cars. I have a 90 mustang gt, a 94 Mitsubishi 3000gt and a 2000 Ford expedition, oh yeah shooting also…lol. When I have time I like to game also

Q8: If you could change 2 things about df5, what would they be?

1: Bring the game back to where all aspects of the game were equal pts, nw, and bk
2: I’d like to see like draft or invite (maybe something like an April fools round) where you could sign up to be in a round (and can’t leave brig) when you don’t know who you will be with and create some interesting game play and fun that way.

Thanks for your time & good luck with everything you do in the future!

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