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DefCon5 FAQ

Q: My menu disappears when clicking a link!

A: If you have frame trouble, i.e. the menu is disappearing when you click links, the problem might be that you had another DF5 window open when you logged in (IE problem mainly). Solution: Close all IE windows and login again.

Q: How many brigades can I join per round? Can I rejoin my old brigade?

A: You can join five brigades per round, and you can rejoin the same brigade once, but you will have to wait five days instead of the regular day.

Q: When I check my networth it says "N/A" and I'm not dead.

A: It's your browser doesn't update the javascript (Mainly skin #2). Please check your browser settings, change browser, or change skin.

Q: I get "Error, not logged in" after logging in!

A: You have some problem with the cookies or cache. Mainly a IE problem. Try the following things:

1) Try to enable cookies if they are disabled.
2) Make sure your firewall does not block cookies.
3) If incorrect, change your local PC's date/time and timezone to be correct.
4) Clear your browsers cache.
5) Try another browser, or another PC.
6) If it still fails, contact helpdesk.

Q: When I buy/sell units or houses, it sometimes doubles the amount I typed!

A: There is not really an answer to why this is happening. As far as we know, it seems like if ZoneAlarm, the firewall software, can be guilty for this. It seems as if it does not like to receive compressed html/php documents, wich the defcon5 webserver sends out, if your browser says it can handle it. A solution might be to disable/reconfigure ZoneAlarm or similiar.

Q: Why can't I calculate how many points I get when attacking?!

A: The points are calculated by dividing the enemys networth loss with your own networth, thus getting a percentage. The points are then checked against a non-linear scale .

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