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D E F C O N 5 Official Manual.

Table Of Contents

A. Getting Started

A.1 Introduction

Defcon5 is a web based strategy game which works on any web browser that supports frames. It is fairly easy to learn the basics but to become a good player takes a lot of hard work and devotion. You can play the game in many different ways depending on your playing style and the amount of time you are willing to give up. The game works best if your playing in a Brigade with other players, its not until you join a Brigade that you really understand the fun and joy of this game. This manual's aim is to be able to help those who are experienced and new to become better players and to serve as a reference guide.

A.2 Getting Started

You start with a random amount of money each turn to use however you like depending on your personal playing style. You get 5% stamina every 20 minutes, 1 turn every 12 minutes and every hour you receive $7.500 in cash. This is standard but you can research up to $50.000/h. There are two main ways of playing which are either Networth or Points.

There are several different ways to achieve a good networth. A good key is to always have LOTS of buildings and as much research done as possible. A good defense is vital to ensure you dont die as it takes a lot of time rebuilding again. How you achieve this is up to you.
Most networth players avoid attacking/attacks because the higher the networth, the greater the loss in combat and so the harder to maintain a high networth.

Playing for points can also be done in several different ways. The most common is to play on a low networth because your own losses are lowered. Once again it is equally important to have a good tight defense and to try to keep your NW compact yet with strong units for attacks.
You need to be part of a brigade in order to play for points, although to be successful takes good teamwork and commitment with your other brigade members (for example spying and coordinating attacks).

A.3 Overview

The menus can be a bit difficult to understand in the beginning so here is a short description of all menu options.

Main - On this page you will find the brigade message (assuming you're part of a brigade), defensive building status, attack/stealing range and also your current ranks for points and networth. Please note that at the top of every page you have a status box containing your turns left, stamina, networth and time, this is also where you will be notified of any personal/brigade events and any new messages you may receive.
News - This is where you find the latest news/updates and anything important concerning the game.
Manual - Here you find the document that you are reading right now, FAQ - The place where questions have been asked and answered, it is recommended you read both the manual and the FAQ before commencing play.
Reality Gateway- The Reality Gateway can be found at . Here you will find the latest DF5 news as well as toplist for a day, the round, as well as past rounds.
Shoutbox/Chat - This is a system of chatting friendly with other players within the friendly confines of the DF5 game. The Shoutbox is now connected with IRC Quakenet #df5 Channel. Everything said in the Shoutbox is displayed in the IRC Channel and everything said in the IRC channel is also displayed on the Shoutbox
Logout - When you are done playing just click here to leave the game. To start playing again you have to return to the login screen to enter your password and username.

Attack - This is where you launch all your attacks on other people.
Intelligence - This is the place where you send out your spies/spy planes (for intelligence on enemy units/buildings), your thieves (to steal money) and your Weapons of Mass-Destruction (to make big damage on your enemy).
Personal events - If you are attacked or have money stolen then not only does the event show up in the top status box but a record of them is kept here showing how much was stolen or how many units/buildings was lost by both sides.
Military Info - This is a list of all your buildings/units/research/wmd's (if you have any) which you currently have, as well as how much stamina/turns/cash/ you have and your total of defends/attacks etc
Platoons Online - Here you can see a list of who is online in the game.
Show platoons - Here you can see a list of every platoon in the game shown in order of networth from highest to lowest.
Show Brigades - Here you can see a list of every brigade in the game and also shown in order of networth.
Perform Search - You can search for any platoon or brigade here either by using the exact id# or by using all/part or a platoon/brigade name.
Brigade events - This only works if you are a member of a Brigade. If you are then you will see the attacks each member of your brigade makes or receives as well as any member joining/leaving, if your brigade declared war/peace or another brigade declared war/peace with your brigade.
Brigade Wardiary - This is where you can see the status of each war including when each brigade declared war, when each brigade declared peace, the networths of each brigade when war/peace was declared plus the points of each brigade and how many each one has scored during the course of the war.

Market (Buy) - This is where you go to buy your army. It is much more expensive then buying units the regular way however it doesn't require any turns.
Market (Sell) - This is the only place you can sell your units, the disadvantage though is that you don't get as much money as you originally bought them for. This is a great thing to do when you're in need of money or need to lower your networth.
Train/Build Units - This is the cheapest way to build units. The disadvantage of buying your units here and not at the market is that it cost turns (You can always research unit knowledge to be able to buy more units per turn).
Construct buildings - This is where you construct your buildings from. If you run out of buildings you are dead, so always be sure you have enough buildings to stay alive.
Mass-destruction - Here is where you build all the different types of nukes/missiles. This is a very powerful way to attack your enemy.
Research - On this page you control whatever (if any) research you wish to do. You can research faster by buying more scientists. There are currently 5 different things to research. These researches will be discussed in depth a little bit later in the manual.
Bank - You can store money here for safety, any deposits you make here will be locked for 48hrs.

My Brigade - This page only works if you are in a brigade. Here you will find information about your brigade, for instance a list of all members/members networths/members points etc. On the 'My Brigade' page you can use your mouse to hover over a platoons name to see current turns, cash, stamina, last log-in time, last attack. Log-in time and last attack are replaced with 'Time til alive' on brigades who are dead or in raid-shelter.
Brigade Battles - This is a list of currents wars taking place with your brigade, showing who you have declared on and who has declared on you. Here you can see in what networth range your brigade can declare on.
User Settings - You can change personal information here including your password and email.

Inbox - This is where all the messages you receive are stored.
Outbox - This is where all the messages you have sent out are stored.
Write Message - Go here to write a message to another platoon in the game but be sure to know the id# of the platoon.
Helpdesk - If you have any problems with the game/wish to report multies or have any other problem just click here. We aim to respond to all problems within 24hours. To expedite this process please write it in english or have it translated into english. You may have it in any language but it will take us longer to get it back to you.
Brigade Forum - A message board for your brigade as a means of communicating with each other.
Forum - A message board for everyone playing to use.

A.4 Activity

Time before an account is deleted due to inactivity: 90-91 days.
Time before banned users will be deleted: 5-7 days.
The activity status list is as follows:

  • Addicted
  • High
  • Daily
  • Often
  • Seldom
  • Rarely
  • Annually
  • Never
  • Unknown

B. Buildings and Units

Unit NamePriceCan attackAttack/Life
Naval forces
Combat Boat 90H$1.500Troops, Buildings 11.3/500
Broadsword Vessel$2.150Motorized army forces, Buildings 15.5/650
MOLNIYA Missile Boat$2.600Naval forces, Air forces, Buildings 15.65/840
Cruiser$3.000Naval forces, Buildings 22/900
Destroyer$2.400Air forces, Buildings 17.2/750
Corvette$2.800Naval forces, Troops, Buildings 16.5/900
A26 Submarine$2.500Buildings 23/725
Motorized army forces
Amphibious Vessel$1.650Naval forces, Motorized army forces, Buildings 10/500
MLRS Artillery$1.200Buildings 12/310
MAAMT-4M2 Sam Tank$1.300Air forces, Buildings 9.2/360
MCV-80 Warrior$800Troops, Motorized army forces, Buildings 5.5/260
Archer$1.400Naval forces, Buildings 10/325
Bomb Squad$700Buildings 6.5/180
Navy Seal$500Naval forces, Buildings 3.8/110
Flame Throwers$400Troops, Buildings 3/90
RPG-29 Rocket Trooper$600Motorized army forces, Buildings 4.5/130
M2 Machinegun Trooper$450Air forces, Troops, Buildings 2.65/140
RBS-17 Trooper$550Naval forces, Troops, Buildings 3.2/145
Air forces
F-4 Phantom$1.500Troops, Air forces, Buildings 9/375
JAS-39 Gripen$1.350Motorized army forces, Air forces, Buildings 8/325
Sea Harrier FA2$900Naval forces, Buildings 7.5/200
F-15E Strike Eagle$1.250Motorized army forces, Buildings 9.2/225
B-2 Stealth Bomber$1.500Buildings 15/330
UH-60L Black Hawk$1.000Troops, Buildings 8/210
Predator-B UAV Spy Plane$2.500Nothing 0/8500
Scientist$5.000Nothing 0/3000
Thief$10.000Nothing 0/7500
Spy$7.500Nothing 0/5000

Building NamePriceAttack/LifeFunction
Hangar$5500/600Hosts air forces
Garage$1.0000/850Hosts motorized army forces
Barrack$8000/750Hosts troops
Harbour$1.1000/1000Hosts naval forces
Dorm$2.2000/1250Hosts Special troops
SA-18 Battery$3.25042.5/1850Attacks air units
Anti-Infantry Frag Mine$3.00037.5/1975Attacks troops
M220 TOW Turret$3.75047.5/2175Attacks motorized army forces
AGS 155mm Battery$4.00040/2500Attacks naval forces
Guard Tower$3.50012.5/1200Attacks Special troops
B.3 Market

The market is the second way to grow your forces. Each way has its own advantages/disadvantages. By using the market you don't waste precious turns but the price is much higher and can vary from day to day. The units on the market can go from being twice as much as training/building, right up to being four times as much. The market changes daily at a random time during the day. For example at the top of the market page may be the following "Today naval forces are cheap and Troops expensive". Using the train/build page is cheaper but uses turns.

Not only can units be bought but can also be sold on the market. When units are sold on the market you get a random amount of money based on the price of the unit. If the unit type being sold is "expensive" for the day then more money will be recieved. Likewise of the unit type is "cheap" on the market less money will be received back.

C. Attack and Intelligence central

C.1 Attacking

This is where you handle all your attacks against your enemy using units. One attack cost 10% stamina and 3 turns, the maximum stamina you have is 100% which means a maximum of 10 attacks can be made before you need more stamina (you receive 5% every 20th minute so it takes a total of 6h 40min to get full stamina again). Target ID is where you enter the ID of the platoon you wish to attack. You can also go to a platoons information page and then click on 'attack this platoon' doing this eliminates the need to know the ID of the platoon.

You can choose to send your whole army by pressing 'launch full attack' which is the normal thing to do when attacking. When attacking with a mixture of units or your unsure of what your enemy has in terms of units/defence buildings then you may wish to choose the number/type of units to send, then you can choose to 'Launch partial attack'

Once you have chosen your attack type the attack screen will appear showing both your losses and your enemies losses. If you win the attack you receive a percentage of his/her money (slightly more than you get by stealing). To win an attack your armys attack must be bigger than the units/buildings defending against your attacking unit.

C.2 Killing/Being Killed

In order to kill someone you have to destroy all his buildings. When a platoon is killed they lose all units/ research/turns and cash, in addition they cant do anything for the first 18 hours and they will be in Raid Shelter for the next 18 hours. When you kill someone you get a random amount of the money that platoon had when they died. When a platoon is killed only brigade bonuses are left in that platoons bank.

C.3 Intelligence central

This is a very important page if you want to play strategically. To achieve successful attacks you need to know what units and buildings your enemy has. You may also find yourself needing to steal money from other platoons to have enough money to build your networth up or rebuild /c4 and other nasty things. For more information on those units see the next chapter on Weapons of Mass-Destruction.

Function Turn-Cost Usage
Spy 3 Spies are sent to infiltrate the enemy base and return with information about what kind of units he has. This is very useful prior to attacking. Your spy will return the percentual relationship between the units in the enemy base.
Spy Plane 4 Works exactly like the spy, except that it spies on buildings instead of units.
Thief 2 Thieves are used to steal money from your enemies. You do not require any stamina to send a thief so it can sometimes be very useful instead of attacking a platoon for money. The more you thieve at any one time the more chance of getting caught, once a thief gets caught there is a slight chance that he will betray you by telling your enemy who sent him, The event will let you know if your thief was caught and more importantly if he betrayed you. If your thieves starts getting caught frequently then it means they are getting tired, just wait for a few hours and they will be ready to go again.

C.4 Weapons of Mass-Destruction

Weapons of Mass-Destruction (hereby referred to as WMD) can be used in several different ways. All different weapons require that you have researched a certain amount of the Mass-Destruction Technology research to be able to construct them. Using these weapons is a good way to eliminate those enemies that have very good defence and hard to win against using regular units.
Because of the attacking power these weapons have, there are restrictions in place which are as follows; you can only launch one of each type of mass-destruction weapon for every $150.000 networth you have. When you reach your limit for any one of the WMDs, you have to wait the total time it takes to create that specific weapon/missile before you can launch another WMD of that type. Networth for each WMD you have will be added when the missle has finished building
Patriot missiles are not affected by the above WMD limits due to being a defence missile

Weapon Name Research Price Turns ETA Stamina Power Can attack
Patriot Missile (25%) 10% $100.000 15 12h 0% 1.000 Missiles/Bombs *
Patriot Missile (50%) 50% $150.000 15 17h46m 0% 1.000 Missiles/Bombs *
Patriot Missile (75%) 100% $200.000 15 22h13m 0% 1.000 Missiles/Bombs *
Exocet Missile 30% $150.000 15 13h53m 15% 50.000 Sea Units
Small Biological Missile 12% $100.000 10 18h 10% 250.000 Special troops
Surface-to-Air missile 15% $100.000 15 18h 15% 35.000 Air Units
Biological Missile 10% $100.000 15 18h 15% 45.000 Troops
Nuclear Missile 50% $125.000 15 1d 15% 75.000 All units/Buildings
Atomic Bomb 100% $250.000 20 1d 12h 20% 225.000 Buildings
'Research' is representing how much percentage of "Mass-Destruction Technology" is needed for this weapon. ETA is the estimated time of arrival.

* Patriot missiles provide defence against other missiles/bombs. The "(%)" is the hitrate. If you build patriot missiles with different hitrate, the one with highest hitrate will be fired first.

C.5 The Bank

At the bank you can deposit money for safety. Money deposited on the bank are protected from all theves and won't be stolen when you are attacked. The maximum capacity of the bank is $5,000.000 and/or 10 deposits, whicever is reached first. Bonuses may override this. If/when you die all deposits and aid will disappear, but bonus money will stay in the bank, even if you die.

When you take a load, you will have 36h to pay it back. If not, instalments will be drawn automaticly from your hourly foundings. If you die with a loan, twice the amount of the loan will be drawn from your starting cash.

D. Research

D.1 The different researches

When researching it is very important to think before taking any action. All available researches are able to make your platoon "better" but they also add unnecessary NW so therefore its important to think carefully about what you really need, especially when playing on a low NW. To help you choose wisely we have compiled a brief description about what each research does so that you decide what is necessary for you and what is not. As default you can research 1sciences/turn but for every 10th scientist you get one additional science/turn (max is 50science/turn which is 490 scientists).

Research Max sciences Standard:
Money Production 20 000 (50,000 $/h) 3 000 (7,500 $/h)

As standard you get 7,500/h, but by researching money production you can get up to bit more than 6 times more money. But to research full money is impossible on a low NW so it is recommended only doing full research on a high NW. But some money production research can be good to do especially if you are planning to buy your units on the market.
1 science gives you $2½ more.

Raid shelter technology 30 000 (100 min) 0 (0 min)
This enables you to survive up to 100 min after you have lost all your buildings. Once you get killed you will escape into raid shelter where you will be safe for the time you've researched, if you've built up buildings during this time you will be back alive when time is out, if not you will be die next time you login (or instantly if you are online). When this function has been used and you survived, it will be disabled for 36h hours before it becomes active again. If you really don't want to die it's a good backup.
Sciences needed for each extra minute: 300

Construction knowledge 15 000 (15 b/t) 5 000 (5 b/t)

Increases the amount of buildings you can build per turn. If under attack you will be able to rebuild quicker and so survive longer, also you waste less turns so it helps anyone regardless of if they play for networth or points. Full research is most likely to be done by those playing for networth.Science needed to get one more building/turn: 1 000

Unit training knowledge 50 000 (200 %) 25 000 (100 %)

Researching unit training knowledge will help you to train more units/turn. It can be very valuable if you do not want to spend many turns or use the market due to the expense. If your aim is to grow big in networth then this is a must. If you prefer to stay at a low networth, you could use up to 150%.
Science needed to get 10% more: 2500

Mass-destruction Technology 25 000 (100 %) 0 (0 %)

Mass-destruction Technology is needed to be able to construct missiles, bombs and other efficient ways of taking your enemy down. It's also needed to get protection against missiles and bombs by using the patriot missiles which shoots them down. As you research different units will show up at different levels. Please see the chapter on Weapons of Mass-Destruction for more information.
Science needed to get 10% more: 2500

Advanced unit training 20 000 (20 %) 0 (0 %)

Advanced unit training is used to make your units stronger. This will work both for their attacking power and life. It does not affect buildings. This research can be very valuable to gain more points, or to generally become stronger, but then you will have to weigh it against your current networth.
Science needed to get 1% more: 250

E. Brigades

E.1 Brigade info

You haven't fully understood the fun of playing Defcon5 until you have played in a Brigade. When playing in a Brigade the strategic element and the ability to work in a group and have big battles appears. The benefits of playing in a brigade is the ability to be able to work as a team against a common enemy and to help each other with aiding each other etc.. There are two top lists for showing the best brigades and these are the networth list and the Points list.
Is the brigade which has the highest combined networth at that time, the real competition for this list is to have the highest combined networth at the end or a round. How you achieve this is entirely up to you.
When you play in a points Brigade you can declare war on other brigades and attack them to earn points (more about this later) the brigade that has the most points will be at the top of the points list, the points you personally make do not disappear no matter how many brigades you leave/join. There is one big benefit with playing for points and that is the "brigade bonus" (more about this later)

E.2 Members

A Brigade can consist of up to 8 platoons. The leader is called the Brigade General and is the owner of the brigade, he/she needs to be smart and know how to hold a brigade together. They can use all functions in a brigade for example: Update the brigade message and brigade info-Declare war and peace-Invite/kick members of the brigade. The brigade general can have one Brigade Colonel who has all the same privileges as the brigade general except being able to kick the General. In addition to the colonel the General can also have up to 2 Lieutenants that are able to invite players; change the brigade message and admin the forums, lieutenants cannot kick members or declare war/peace.

If you wish to recruit members for your brigade then one of the best ways is to put an advertisement up in the Recruiting forum. You may also see platoons here that are asking to be invited to a brigade. Sending a lot of recruiting messages or invites out at the same time can be taken as spam and could end up with your account being banned.
If you are a lone platoon and wish to join a brigade then it is recommended to use the recruiting forum also although you may also wish to message any Generals of brigades you wish to join. Please note that you may not join a brigade for the last 4 days of a round. If you leave a brigade or are kicked you must wait for a minimum of 24 hours before you can join a new brigade. You can only join a maximum of 5 brigades per round and not within 4 days of the end of the round.

If you kick members from you brigade, then your brigade will loose 1/3 of the points that player made in your brigade, so for example if a player had 300 points made in the current brigade and is kicked, then you will loose 100 points of your total amount of points. When that same player would be banned, you will loose 2/3 of the points that were made by that person, so in our example your brigade would loose 200 points of the total. If someone is banned 1/3 points will be lost when they are banned and the other 1/3 will be lost when they are deleted in about 5 to 7 days.

When you leave a brigade, you will have to wait 24h before you can join another brigade. If you wish to rejoin the brigade you left or was kicked from, you will have to wait 5 days.

E.3 Brigade battles

Brigade battles are when you fight another brigade. You can declare war on brigades that are 1.8 times bigger, or 1.4 times smaller than your brigade. If a brigade declares war on you, you can declare back regardless of their size. There is some differences between fighting a single-sided war and a mutual war. When attacking in a single-sided brigade war you receive between 1 and 8 points per attack and 20 points for a kill, and the declaring brigade can only attack platoons that are 1.5 times smaller or bigger than you (for a quick check on your attacking range go to the main page). If both brigades have declared war on each other (mutual war) there is no limit on who you can attack and you get between 1 and 50 points per attack and up to 100 points for a kill. Points are calculated based on how much damage you do compared to your networth. They also increase with added networth, ranging from $100.000 and below (4p/5p max) to $1.000.000 and above (40p/50p max)

A brigade war can last as long as the brigades want it to, there is no way for one of the brigades to escape a war as long as one of the brigades wants to fight. A brigade war lasts for a minimum of 24hours before it is possible to declare peace.

E.4 Bonus

When fighting brigade battles your brigade gets points each time one of your brigade members attacks the opposing brigade. When your brigade reaches each 2000+ you get 2500 turns and $8.000.000 shared equally within the brigade. If your brigade has less than three members you will not receive more than 750 turns each. You must be part of a brigade longer than 48 hours to begin receiving brigade bonuses.

E.5 Aiding

Aiding is, as mentioned before, one of the best parts about being in a brigade. If your brigade can learn to work together then you can use aiding to help your brigade members survive longer if they are being attacked a lot. You are able to aid an unlimited amount of times however each time you send aid it costs you 5 turns and the maximum amount of money you can send each time is $350.000 at a time. When you send aid it is transferred directly into the other persons bank account and cannot be touched for a short time (anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes). You cannot send aid to someone wich already has open deposits at the bank,nor can you send to someone who has a total of $1.000.000 on hand, plus deposits that will be unlocked in a few minutes.

E.6 Brigade message

The brigade message is of great importance for a good brigade. Using the brigade message to inform your brigade of what is happening, and to insert quick-links to people that need aid, targets to attack, thief targets etc, is a really good way of making sure that your brigade plays the way you want them to. All brigade leaders can update the brigade message.

E.6a StyleTags

Style Tags can be used to colorize/linkify ("style") your brigade message, and your brigade information. These tags needs to be typed in lowercase or they won't work.
Abuse/spam and/or extremely huge brigade information can be censored/deleted without prior notice. Try to use these tags with common sense.

Avaliable tags are:

Desciption Aviable tags
[red],[green],[blue],[turq],[yellow] ,[black],[white],[purple],[pink], [brown],[orange],[lime],[navy],[army]

Common closing-tag:[/color]
[size1],[size2],[size3],[size4], [size5]

Common closing-tag:[/size]
bold - [b]
italics - [i]
strike-through - [s]
center text - [c]
horizontal bar - [bar]
Link to...
a platoon* - [platoon] 2 [/platoon]
platoon/attack* - [attack] 2 [/attack]
platoon/intelligence central* - [intel] 2 [/intel]
platoon/quick aid* - [aid] 2 [/aid]
a brigade* - [brigade] 100 [/brigade]
an image (display) - [img] [/img]
a regular hyperlink - [link] [/link]
[editby] & [lastedit] (no closing tags)
* Only available in brigade-message.

E.7 Brigade Forum

When you go to the brigade forum you will be presented with a list of topics already started and the option to start a new topic. All members of a brigade are able to start a topic but only the Brigade General/Colonel and Lieutenants are able to use the admin functions found within each topic as described below. When you click on a topic name in order to view it you are given options to either go back to the index or reply to the topic.
Here is a quick guide to the Admin options found in the brigade forum.

  • Delete Post
    • If you wish to delete any reply in a topic you click the Admin button on the reply and then select Delete post to remove the message from the thread. If there is only one post in a thread using the delete post button will delete the entire thread.
  • (UN)Lock thread
    • To lock a full topic just click on the admin button from any reply in that topic and then choose (UN)Lock thread to stop anyone else replying. Likewise if you wish to unlock a topic just do the same as you did to lock it.
  • (UN)Hilight thread
    • You may have some topics of importance that you wish everyone to read, if so then make it stand out using the Hilight function accessed from any admin button in that topic.. You UnHilight a topic in the same way.
  • Delete thread
    • If you find a topic is of no use anymore then you can use this function to delete the whole topic in one go.

F. Help


Defcon5 has its own IRC channel on Quakenet. Here you find all in the crew and most of them active players! So if you want to join the community this is a great place. The name of the channel is #df5

If you do not have an IRC client you can download mIRC for a windows operating system or IRSSI for a unix/linux operating platform.

F.2 Help

If you need any help with how to play or something similar, please make sure to read through this manual first. If you don't succeed in finding what you are looking for you can ask on IRC or simply send a message to Helpdesk (in the menu to the right) and we will answer your message as soon as possible. Please do not send any direct messages to any of the administrators or helpers, just use the link to helpdesk instead. This will give you faster support, the right person will handle the matter, and it saves us a lot of time.

F.3 Bug reporting

In case you find any bugs send us a message so we can correct them. Since this game is rather new there may be some bugs still so please contact us by using the helpdesk link. Do not ABUSE any bugs since that may result in a ban or reset of your account.

F.4 Suggestions

We are very open to suggestions, because after all this game is for the players. So post them in the forum or send a message to helpdesk (it is better to post in the forum where other people will make comments and we can see if the idea is popular)

G. Other

G.1 Rules

Failure to follow these simple rules will result in a ban from the game, or in rare cases a warning. Note that the ban system is automatized to a large extent and very accurate.

  • Accounts

    Only one platoon per person is allowed. Two or more platoons are therefore not allowed to log in from the same computer. Temporarily "lending" or "sharing" platoons is consequently also in clear violation of this rule.

  • Co-operation

    Co-operation between platoons is done in brigades and there only. Any organized or agreed "alliances" between platoons or brigades is forbidden. This also applies to sharing information about anyone in your own brigade to any platoon outside it, or sharing information from a previous brigade to another. Alliancing will result in an immediate game-ban.

  • Bug exploits

    Please report any bugs to helpdesk. Do not post bugreports in the forums, on IRC, or any other public place. Exploits of bugs is forbidden. If you are unsure of how something works, ask the helpdesk.

  • Spam

    Sending a huge amount of invites to random players, or just sending the same (or similiar) message to several users may count as spam. We work actively to keep this game spam-free, and spammers will be banned on sight.

  • Language

    You may not use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive language in any message you write in the game. Doing so may result in termination of your account or, in some cases, a warning.

  • Brigade Information

    Brigade information may not contain any threats, racist, obscene, vulgar or offensive language of any kind. Doing so will result in the Brigade General and Brigade Colonel being banned without prior notice.

  • Courtesy

    Treat your fellow players as you would like to be treated yourself. Extensive verbal abuse of other platoons or brigades is not allowed, not in mails or anywhere else. Discrimination or abuse for religious, racial or other reasons are forbidden.

G.2 Forum And Shoutbox Rules

These forum rules are to be followed with no excuses.

  • General

    The following includes all the forums and the shoutbox

    • No flaming

      Flaming is the sending of messages that include bad language or repeat messaging especially of undesirable or obscene text. Also posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting.

    • No target advertising

      Target advertising is posting another players Platoon name/ID and/or Brigade Name/ID in a context where it is not absolutley needed.

    • No spamming

      Spamming is when a user posts something which is off-topic or doesn't have anything to do with the current subject. Also, a post that doesn't contribute to the thread whatsoever is also considered spam in some cases. A third form of forum spamming is where a person repeatedly posts about a certain subject in a manner that is unwanted by (and possibly annoying to) people using the forum.

    • No swearing or vulgar language allowed

      Swearing or vulgar language is not allowed, in any language, anywhere in this game, including, but not limited to, Platoon names, Brigade names, Platoon info, Brigade Info, Forums, Shoutbox and Ingame messages.

    • Use common sense, think before you post.

      First of all, follow the rules listed above. But most imortant of all, use your common sense. Even though your not breaking any of the rules above, the Admins may see that what you post is inappropriate. Your punishment will be depending on the case.

  • General Brigade Forum

    When you ask for war, you're allowed to set times for the war, declaring range, and a contact person. Discussions of what units, etc, to use and not to use is an alliance.

  • Recruiting Forum

    All posts in here will be automatically deleted after ten days.
    Keep it brief, state you are looking for a brigade, or that you are a brigade and you are looking for a certain type player. List a contact person. Do not turn this forum into a "conversation".

  • Beta/Technical Forum

    If you're reporting a big bug or similiar please send it to the helpdesk, any reports are being promptly handled. Don't let the whole game in on it to be exploited!

    The first time you break one of the above rules will most likely result in a warning or a shorter forumban. The second offense will result in a longer forum ban. A third offense will result in a permanent forum ban and/or suspension/game ban. This is all depending on the case.

G.3 User Settings

In the user section you can set an avatar(picture) for your platoon, update your platoon information or even change the game skin you want to play on. The only rule for avatars is that they must not be offensive. For what constitutes offensive please see the rules section. Avatars can be any format but must be img width="125" height="100 or else they can become squashed and disoriented. If you are dead or outside of a round you may change your Platoon Name under this option. Any other personal information can be changed at any time under this heading. Also within this option is the ability to change skins or add one of your own to play with.

G.4 Wordlist

Some words used in this manual and on the IRC/forum:

Short name Meaning
PTS Brigade points
Mutual war A war where both brigades have declared war on each other.
NW Networth (A value indicating the strength of a platoon/brigade)
WMD Weapons of Mass-Destruction:
UK Unit Killer A unit which attack's units as well as buildings.
BK Building Killer A unit which attack's only buildings

G.5 Credits

Main administration crew
The Administrators can be found at the Administrators brigade page
Creation of skin #1 zOLOz D. Svanbäck
Creation of skin #2 Haven  
Creation of skin #3 Inm

Special thanks to:
* All the beta testers.
* All former crewmembers.

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